Letter to municipal commissioner for drainage problem

Letter to municipal commissioner for drainage problem

Letter to municipal commissioner for drainage problem
How to write complaint letter to the electricity department for Overcharged or Excess Bill Dear Sir, I am currently residing at House NumberNehru Colony, Faridabad Haryanawhich is having electricity connection bearing consumer no. Today, I was shocked to receive the current electricity bill no. Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper complaining about the frequent breakdown of electricity in your locality. Would you kindly permit me to use the columns of your esteemed national daily to highlight […]. Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper, on reckless driving. Sir, It is high time that proper steps are taken to put a stop to the reckless driving of motor-cars in the narrow streets of our thickly populated city. Only yesterday […]. Owing to […]. Dear Sir, We have recently been through our records of customers and are sorry to find it is a considerable time since we received an order from you. As we have had […]. Dear Sir, We regret having complain of delays in the transit of goods dispatched by us during the last few months. On the 8th October, we dispatched one cylinder of canvas tubes to Thomson, […]. Letter Making a Firm Offer. Waverley Works, Manchester. Dear Sir, We have pleasure in informing you that we have just received a very large supply of the borax of excellent quality which we can offer […]. Reminder for payment of Bill Dear Sir, A statement of our account was forwarded to you on the 12th of this month and today it is 22nd. As we have not received your remittance, it has occurred to us that possibly our letter has gone astray. Would you kindly let […]. Kindly take the trouble to expedite it at an early date. Suresh Lai, Thanks for your letter […]. Pilot Plan — A business operated to determine rates to be charged in its industry Probate — Proof established by legal procedures; e. Pipeline — […].

Complaint letter regarding overflow of drainage

Introduction Many times, occupants who are staying in apartments and or row houses have to face many problems. Sometime these dead investment properties are life threatening too due to breakage of ceiling, walls, beams, pillars etc. Like these situations, you do not worry how to solve your problem if the property owners will not respond to your repeated complains. You just contact them with your problems in writing. From, Madan…… … Applicant Name Vadodara …… your full contact address ……. Ward No. For your kind information, the recent heavy rain in our city made more damage to the walls of above building. In addition, an overhead filled Water Tank occupied on the terrace, which is supported by these damaged walls. Looking to the above we, the undersigners request your goodselves to check the stability of the building and kindly do the needful from your department at the earliest by using your office to avoid any incident that may cause hazardous to any human life and or their belongings staying adjacent and near to this unused property. Waiting for your early favourable action. Thanking you, Your Name On behalf of all complainers in the list Encl: List of complainers with their signature C. You can also submit the letter by hand delivery. In this case, you should carry one extra copy of letter to take the sign and stamp of the receiving person and dept. Above acknowledgement is required for your record, future correspondence reference. Being the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below. Login Register. Format for complainers List Format-for-complainers-List. Related Articles. Watching the movie on FDFS was something awesome! Here is a review on the Infinity War.

Complaint letter to municipal commissioner

Introduction to formal letter writing This is important part of letter writing. The formal letter is an official letter written to the competent authority. You may write for a job application, bank manager for various queries, application to the principal, complaint to government organization, editor of the newspaper. In short, this is an official letter written. Points to Note You are writing an official letter so you should maintain the professionalism and to the point approach. Your letter should be as concise as possible. You should maintain the line of the letter. Make it according to the subject line and avoid unnecessary data or example. Remember you are writing to the official personnel not a member of the family. Avoid slang. Avoid smiley and short message word in the letter. It will reduce the value of your letter. Adding unnecessary information, the reader may lose reading key points. So the above point will definitely make your letter valuable. While ending the letter use Yours Faithfully if you do not know the person otherwise use Yours Sincerely. Now, look out the following example for the Formal Letter to Municipal Corporation. Respected Sir, I am a resident of the sector 15; people are facing the problem of orphan dogs and their stray on the main road. They are in numbers. Their groups are dangerous as they started attacking the passerby. They run towards motorbike which leads to many accidents in the area. The news of the newly born baby attack by the dog is not fade yet. People lost their sleep as dogs bark whole night. This problem is a headache as a person who has night shifts facing the worst situation. I am requesting you to look at that matter as soon as possible. The cases are increasing rapidly. I hope you will take absolute measures to handle the issue. I have written a letter based on your format. Kindly check whether it is okay. Dear Sir, I am writing from Sainikpuri Colony and would like bring to the notice of the concerned staff regarding street dog menace. We have trouble with dogs in our locality. There are huge number of dogs barking whole night and entering into premises of our houses for rest or some food. Several people in our colony are scared and are walking with sticks in their hands for self protection while on the road. It is very difficult to sleep peacefully in the night.

Letter on bad drainage system

Letter to municipal commissioner for drainage problem
Write a letter to the environment officer in your area complaining about the garbage problem in your neighborhood and say - What is causing the problem? I am writing this letter to complain you about litter problem in our neighborhood. The main problem is rubbish collecting van does not come regularly, because of this, the litter is heavily being deposited on the road. After, two days it produces bad smell that is harmful for us. Moreover, it attracts various insects and microorganisms. Sometimes, in windy atmosphere, garbage is dispersed on the entire lane, which makes the colony untidy. This situation has worsened when one of my neighbors became sick because of awful atmosphere of colony. I am concerned about the safety of my family members and residents of colony. Hence, I believe this problem should be solved as early as possible. To address this problem, I suppose that the rubbish should be collected daily or at least on alternate days to prevent the accumulation of waste. As a responsible environmental officer, you have to look into this issue and implement stern rules to avoid these kinds of problems. I look forward to seeing a prompt action from you. How good is it? You can post below in order to help this candidate improve their score. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. A street near you has become very dirty recently, and you are concerned about this. Write a letter to the council that is responsible for this street. In your letter: - Explain why it has become dirty recently. Please allow me to explain. While travelling through the streets on my way to work, I came across dirty and stingy corners. The garbage was littering on the roads due to which roads have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It creates a huge havoc for pedestrians and people who pass those streets. Simultaneous constructions of Metro train tracks and roads with arrival of monsoon had only worsened the situation. Of late I have seen homeless children falling sick because of the dirt. I am sure I am not the only one to appreciate your efforts in renovating the street roads and metro tracks. If you could organize these activities in such a way that the free space and road equation could be balanced, it would be helpful for the common people of the city. Click here to post comments. Dear sir or mam I am Aryan from bihar muzaffarpur dighra rampur shah.

Sample request letter for drainage cleaning

Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper, I would like to draw the attentions of relevant authorities towards the bad and poor condition of cleanliness and drain system of our town. The streets are not swept regularly. The piles of garbage can be seen everywhere in our society. Bad smell is arising from these refuses which cannot be bored by residents. These refuses have blocked the drain system very badly. The drain water is over flowing from gutters. This water has turned into big pounds. Specially the pedestrians cannot cross the road and face a lot troubles while crossing the roads. This bad system is generating many fatal diseases. Flies are found immensely and it is helping to the growth of mosquitoes. I, hereby, request that this matter should be taken in hand seriously by relevant municipal authority. Some immediate steps must be taken to stop this grim issue so that people can live comfortably. I am looking forward your prompt and positive response regarding this matter. Awesome letter. There is no doubt of getting less marks after presenting the letter. If I present this letter on my pre board exam. I think it enhances my vocabulary also. I think that it enhances my vocabulary also. The brand new idea is here. I have read the post with excellent satisfaction and also could know something new I will use for my further requirements. The language is both brilliant and vivid, so the more I read, the more I do enjoy it! Anyway, the information is quite cutting edge, so just like it. Click here to cancel reply. Powered by Avenue Theme Back to Top. Yours truly, X. Share on Tumblr. Anonymous September 24, at PM - Reply. Anonymous September 30, at AM - Reply. Anonymous October 1, at PM - Reply. Shailesh yaduvansh October 7, at PM - Reply. Anonymous October 18, at PM - Reply. Anonymous October 22, at PM - Reply. Anonymous November 30, at PM - Reply. Vinay December 3, at PM - Reply. Anonymous December 6, at AM - Reply. Anonymous December 15, at PM - Reply. Anonymous December 26, at PM - Reply. Anonymous December 28, at PM - Reply.

Request letter for drainage repair

Introduction Letters play an important role in our daily life. They are the best means of expressing our views and thoughts. They can tell some other person's views and thoughts to us very easily without his presence before us. Letters bring our relatives and friends feelings with them and make us aware about them. People wait for letters very eagerly. Letters can make us happy and sad. When we get letters with happy news, we become happy but when we get letters with sad news, we become sad. But they are very important to every person. Kinds of Letters Letters are of two kinds — Formal letters and informal letters. Informal letters are written to relatives and friends. A letter to municipal authorities for better supply of water is an official letter. It will be written in a certain format. Format of an Official Letter In a formal letter we write address and date at first. After it we write the inside address, subject and reference if necessary and then salutation. We can begin now the main body of our letter. Complementary close, subscription, name and signature comes after it. At the end we can write the enclosures of the letter. It is a thickly populated area. Being a industry locality, it is also famous area in our city. But the water supply in our locality is not regular. It is made one time in two days and for a short time. Sometimes the water supply is not made for three days continuously. Other resources of water are not in well condition here. There are only two Hand Pumps in our locality. They are either in bad condition or out of control. They supply very little water after the hard labor. It is not enough for the people of this locality. Even the wells in our locality are dry. People cannot get water from them enough to fulfill their needs. Because of this people have to fetch water from a long distance.

Drainage complaints

The content should contain enough details so that the receiver does not have to write back requesting more. Here is a very simple letter in which a person describes about poor sanitary condition of his locality. Letter to the Municipal Commissioner Coimbatore Radhamohan, 10,lingapuram, Kovilmedu, Coimbatore. To The Municipal commissioner, Coimbatore corporation, Coimbatore - Sir, I am living in the second street of Lingapuram in Kovilmedu. The sanitation is very bad here. The roads here are not swept regularly. They are dirty with full of rubbish. The drainage water flows all over the street, especially during the rainy days. There are many pits on the road. They are filled with drainage water. Foul smell arises from it and it is a place for mosquitoes to breed. So, people are often affected by fever. The children are often affected by dengue, malaria, etc. So, I request you to look into this matter seriously and improve the sanitation in this locality. Thanking you! Yours faithfully, R. Radhamohan The given sample letter is a simple letter, that will help you to understand the format of the letter. The tone of the complaint letter should not be aggressive or insulting, as that would annoy the officials and not encourage them to solve the problem. Remember, a polite and well thought letter will give you farther than an angry letter. This was really useful to me and I hope it will help others as well. It's good but there should be a subject in a letter. A number of times it was complained to Dy. The dirty water flow over from the drains. But your sanitation employees do not hear anything.

Application for drainage cleaning

We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. By using this website you agree to our Cookie Policy. Learn more. I agree. Letter to corporation — Drainage Problem. Tamil NaduIndia. Submit a Complaint. The drainage manhole in front of my hous very frequently overflowing and as a result, overflowing drains is stagnating at front of my house. When it rains the drainage water is overflown from drainage chamber and getting into bathrooms and then into living room and kitchens. Whenever we complaint to corporation office, they removes the block only but still its not getting cleaned. Due to this problem the sewage water in our house is not getting drained which may lead to many diseases. Since there are many kids in our house they are prone to get diseases soon. This may also lead to the soon spreading of swine flu too. But we request the competent authority to sort it out this problem permanently to ensure free flow of drainage water. Kindly take appropriate action in this regard. Your Rating 1 star is bad, 5 stars is good. Add Image. Letter to corporation - Drainage Problem. Contact Information Company: Letter to corporation. Tamil Nadu India. Category: Municipal Corporation. Add Company Information. Add a Comment. Share 0 Tweet 0. No Rating.

Poor drainage system problems

Post a Comment. Mumbai - The Public Health Officer. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Public Health and Sanitation Department. Dadar, Mumbai. Respected Sir. We are totally five hundred families residing in our locality. We are facing a severe problem of growing problems of overflow of drainage for the last three months in our locality. This overflow in drainage causes the problem of bad odour and leads to growth of mosquitoes which may lead to malaria. Small children playing outside the door have already affected by diarrhoea. Sometimes we feel vomiting and nausea. We have already given many complaints to our local authority. They are always giving us empty promises and doing nothing. So kindly am requesting you to look into this matter personally. If you do the needful then I shall be very much thankful to you. Thank you. Yours faithfully. Letter to your friend explaining him about the importance of joint family system. Write a letter to your younger brother who was caught copying in his exam Write a letter to your mother on mother's day. HOW TO WRITE A COMPLAINT LETTER ? //Formal Letter // Easy Learning With Himaal

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